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2019 Freewing New year promotion cheap discount price China from Jan 10th to Feb 20th


Freewing L-39 Albatros PNP Discount price is 270(USD)
Freewing SU35 Grey Camo Twin 70mm Discount price is 320(usd)
Freewing SU35 Desert Camo Twin 70mm,discount price is 320(usd)
Freewing T-45+ 90mm EDF Jet PNP,discount price is 420(usd)

Freewing Pandora 1400mm Jet PNP(red color and blue color),discount price is 180(usd)

Freewing Red AvantiS 80mm EDF PNP,discount price is 300(usd)
Freewing Yellow AvantiS 80mm EDF PNPdiscount price is 300(usd)

Freewing Eurofighter Typhoon V2 90mm EDF Thrust Vectoring Jet PNP RC airplane,Discount price is 300(USD)